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Many business owners and leadership teams encounter the same frustrations over and over again, but don't know how to get unstuck. The Organizational Checkup™ helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses so you can start solving your issues - for good.


EOS the Entrepreneurial Operating System®, has published a free business scorecard and organisational checkup for business owners. The EOS Organisational Checkup™ provides a marker for how a business is doing through a quick, 20 question analysis that ranks the overall health based on several key factors which are critical to the success of any organisation. Business owners can receive a free assessment based on the results of the analysis, which provides free insight into those areas that could use some work.


Designed to take a real pulse of your business; the Organizational Checkup will answer these questions:

  • What are our business strengths?

  • What are our business weaknesses?

  • Which area of the business is the biggest problem?

  • What issues do we solve first?

  • Now we know what the real issue is, how should we solve it?


You and your team get to see your results in real-time with personalised recommendations for improvement:
  • These are comprehensive results

  • The results are prescriptive, outlining how each area of your business is doing

  • The results are prioritised enabling you to tackle the important things first

  • The results are actionable allowing you to start making changes..... now


Headquartered in Sydney Australia, we been delivering management solutions to businesses for over fifteen years. Offering training, management resources and organisational assessments. Staying In Front Solutions provides the tools business owners need to grow and manage their business in today’s dynamic business world.

Follow the link to access the free Organisational Checkup™ and analysis,

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