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Opportunities-Obstacles Profile



Facilitate Change

Deal with Uncertainty

Understand Risk Profiles

Team Management opportunities profile

The Opportunities-Obstacles (QO2TM) Profile determines the balance of effort people put into seeing the opportunities or obstacles at work and reveals how individuals are likely to approach risk. It can be used to assist in understanding individual behaviour and striking a balance between team members who may be overly cautious in pursuing new ventures and those who are prone to making hasty decisions.

The Opportunities – Obstacles Quotient (QO2™) Profile is a unique tool that determines the balance of effort people  put into seeing opportunities and obstacles and therefore how they are likely to approach  risk.


The QO2™ Profile provides personalised  feedback  on how an individual responds to new situations and change, solve problems, focus on goals and,  how they view time.


The Risk-Orientation model is the basis of the QO2™ concept. This model provides individuals and leaders with an appreciation  of people’s approach to risk and how this will affect the way they innovate and cope with change. The Profile tells you why some people:


  • Struggle with making decisions

  • Are threatened by change  and others energised  by it

  • Only focus on the future or won’t let go of the past

  • Can   see many solutions to a problem and others only one

  • Assume the best and others assume the worst

  • Are goal oriented and others aren’t


Answering these questions allows leaders to effectively market and manage  change programs, cultural transformations and downsizing processes,  among other projects.


The QO2™ allows leaders to improve decision making, problem solving and goal clarification and thus ultimately, their competitive advantage.



  • Leadership and Management Development

  • Change Management

  • Performance and Conflict Management

  • Innovation/Creativity Workshops

  • Executive Coaching

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