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The TMS Suite of Profiles have been helping organisations improve their performance by providing actionable insights that help individuals, teams and leaders understand not only how they work, but the impact this has on others and business performance.


Used separately or in combination, our Profiles help harness individuals’ preferences to maximise their potential at work by improving communication, developing more effective work processes and creating a better understanding of the team.


Underpinned by proven psychology and a systems approach to work, the TMS Profile Suite and Solutions enable, can help your organisation to achieve better business results.

Team Management Systems (TMS) is internationally recognised as the specialist in teamwork, offering a suite of work-based feedback Profiles to improve business results.

Since 1985, our experience in working with organisations to deliver high-performing teams makes us a uniquely qualified advisor to the Learning and Development industry.


With operations across AsiaPac, The Americas, Europe, Middle East and Africa, we adopt a best-fit approach to our clients’ needs, matching the in-depth knowledge of our team with the unique requirements of each client.


The experience and knowledge of our people is supported by our proven systems and accreditations. We are endorsed by the British Psychological Society, have been translated into 20 languages, have over 20,000 accredited practitioners globally, have processed over 2 million Profiles and have distributors and agents in over 10 countries.

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The TMS Suite

 A Program for every business application

Team Management Systems QO2 profile
Team Management Systems Linking Profile
Team Management profile
Team Management Systems Values profile
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